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…┬áthe home of manufacturing solutions for special application textiles. We have served the textile industry for 150 years, first from our Pennsylvania location and since 1959 in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

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Fletcher International inports the latest technology for textile applications. We provide complete project engineering assistance to determine machine requirement and support the project with comprehensive technical service and spare parts support. We serve all technical textile markets including bio-medical , aerospace, industrial, marine and pressure hose industries.

Ratera braiding machinery, winders, take-ups and creels represent the state of the art in high speed , high quality braiding. We offer machines from 80 to 680 mm gauge. Our customers represent a wide spectrum of industrial arts from sutures to hose and light cords to critical workboat hawsers.

Metag heavy duty looms are simply the toughest needle looms available. Whether your need is heavy duty webbing and slings or high-technology ceramic and carbon structures the Metag is the answer for rough duty. Equipped with optional Staubli electronic dobby the Metag loom is limitless opportunity for the construction of solid woven fabrics.

Fletcher Industries

We specialize in engineered solutions for weaving paper felts and other shuttle woven products. Our program includes narrow fabric shuttles, blocks and battens as well as giant shuttles for Texo, Jurgens and Jaeger looms. Please ask how we may improve your weaving processes with engineered bobbin holding, yarn tension, slough control and shuttle design. We have no minimum quantities for orders and support all our projects with unequalled technical support.

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Textile Weaving Machines

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